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Nakry Pashmina – Festuca III

  • The sun is out and it is time to brighten up your wardrobe with this luxurious, handwoven pure raw silk pashmina. Made of 100% premium Cambodian raw silk, which is known to be one of the best in the world, this pashmina is the result of a meticulous process. The tradition of raising silk worms and harvesting them into silk thread has passed down generation to generation from the 13th century in the land of Khmers. Each piece is crafted from naturally died raw silk which results into a unique premium creation made just for you.

    We are dedicated to ethical and sustainable fashion, for this reason the artisans who handmade this Nakry Pashmina in the countryside of Cambodia have received fair wages and worked in sustainable working conditions through a local cooperative.

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    1. 100% Cambodian raw silk
    2. Hand-loom in the beautiful countryside of Cambodia
    3. Traditionally crafted
    4. Size: 44cm x 165cm (17’’ x 65’’)

Collections: Neckwear, Silk Pashminas

Category: Neckwear

Type: Pashmina


Nakry is a common Cambodian first name meaning “night-blooming flower”.


Skillful weavers follow the same pattern using high-quality raw silk, yet each Nakry-Pashmina may vary slightly in dimensions and natural marks contributing to its genuine essence. Gently hand wash with cold water and air dry. Also, it is important to avoid excessive rubbing because it could break the natural fibers. Do not wring or wrinkle


As unique as your travels, each piece of MERSiŌ gear has a story and a soul of its own. Collaborating with artisans who share our world, we choose supplying partners based on their skills, values and dedication to crafting high-quality products in sustainable working conditions.

With this Nakry Pashmina you support the sustainable development of a rural community of Cambodia, since we are collaborating with a cooperative making sure Khmer women receive a fair wage for their work and are working in good and safe conditions. They also support those in the community who are landmine wounded and HIV infected, helping them to work and be able generate revenue sufficient to support their families.


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