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Language: Ancient Latin

[mur-see-oh] Noun

1. Immersion.
2. The state of being deeply engaged or involved; immersed.



We founded MERSiŌ through a twist of fate, after meeting in a language immersion program in Trois-Pistoles, Canada. Our two native tongues – French and Spanish – evolved from the mother language of Latin.

In both travel and business practices, MERSiŌ team members strive to discover, explore and immerse ourselves in every environment, by respecting the locals and embracing their culture.

The ritual of shopping consciously. MERSiŌ products help you contribute to the positive development of our planet by respecting those who make our travel essentials.



We are Daniel and Gabriela, the two passionate travel aficionados behind MERSiŌ. The idea hit us between trips, while at home in Canada. Packing for our next flashpacking trip, we were searching for attractive, well-crafted travel gear. We knew our goods had to be made in healthy working conditions. Finding a shortage of those ingredients in the current market, we decided to launch and follow our vision. Thus MERSiŌ is a socially responsible brand for travellers and urban explorers just like us, who hope to travel in a fairer, more sustainable world.


Living our dream meant leaving behind secured income from a senior position in the sporting goods industry, to travel the world and develop our first sustainable product line. One of our main objectives was to directly curate all products to ensure good working conditions and high quality, at a fair price.  We felt called to dedicate our lives to styling conscious travellers and respecting the workers who craft their products. MERSiŌ products are the result of many years experience backpacking, flashpacking and doing business all around the world.


We are grateful for all of MERSiŌ’s partners. Without their talents, we’d never have made it off the ground. This is why our team members travel the world to meet and collaborate with each and every artisan. Listening to their stories, learning from their craft, and respecting their culture – you’ll feel it in the goods we bring back to you from our travels.