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Vulgus Zebra - Wood

  • Enhance your optics with these lightweight sunglasses made of recycled wood (FSC Certified). Turn heads with your distinguished look. Inspire curiosity about their exotic & natural design.

    Category 3 polarized lenses protect with UV 400 and reduce the sun’s glare – so you can spot the next local treasure along your trip or urban adventure.

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    1. Lightweight, impact-resistant and recycled wood
    2. Well-protected and easy to pack, thanks to the minimalist design bamboo case
    3. Polarized Category 3 lenses – UV400 protection
    4. 90-day limited warranty
    5. You buy a pair, we plant a tree


After visiting a few local factories in the beautiful country side of China, we lacked anticipation when we came to Sam’s family workshop. Our hearts were relieved, after we spent many days visiting workshops seeking a humane and friendly supplier for our wooden sunglasses.

Yet the connection was powerful and immediate, when we saw all the employees smiling while moving their hands - truly making art out of each pair of sunglasses! These artisans are clearly experts who approach woodworking with joy. It was second nature to begin a partnership with this community of workers.


Sam’s knowledge of the manufacturing process runs deep; you could even say it’s his blood. After graduating college with a degree in mechanical engineering, he worked several years in the factory of a North American based company. Tired of the pressure and the life in the factory, he launched with his wife a small creative and fun business. A family-run workshop, where he could put together his engineering background and his wife’s creativity. More importantly he wanted a workshop where local artisans would have the liberty to create, innovate and where they would be treated like family members. He is very proactive to bring new ideas on how we can improve the life and working conditions of the workers. He also cares about the environment using only recycled wood from a FSC approved factory.


Only when you become aware of how our actions have a strong impact on our environment we can develop innovative solutions and take action by changing our consumption habits for a more sustainable future.

By purchasing these sunglasses you are making an ecological choice. Instead of opting for traditional plastic and chemically made sunglasses you are choosing recycled wood (FSC certified) a sustainable material. Layers of recycled wood are laminated together and are used in most of our sunglasses making them a lot more resistant and strong in comparaison to other bamboo or wood sunglasses. The FSC Certification guarantees our products come from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly. We operate in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way. If it was not enough, MERSiŌ co-founders made the commitment to plant one tree for each pair sold.



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